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Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, Founder

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson always had a knack for helping people with data, research, and statistics.

In 2011, as the founder and lead consultant at Embraced Wisdom Resource Group, she clarified client data and statistics, sharing resources supporting highly technical topics.

But for her, growing up to realize her skills and dreams was a long, arduous climb to the top of her field.

This story encapsulates it all…

Dr. Anderson’s EWRG – The Long Version

Dealt a less-than-ideal hand on more than one front, Dr. Anderson grew up middle-class in Denver, during the desegregation busing push.

She was regularly the only Biracial/Black female in her advanced science and math classes. She gained a semester’s worth of college credits before graduating high school!

Her early-age love for data, math, statistics, and teaching was bred by her chemist father and her mother, a special educator.

On the road to her bachelor’s degree, she was derailed by an abusive relationship and the birth of her daughter – stopping her just 4 semesters short of a degree.

Several years later, she still felt higher education was her best route to independence, so she sacrificed short-term comfort for long-term growth, by living in a homeless shelter (with her two children), and in subsidized single-parent housing.

She drove 90 minutes each way (three to five times a week for two years!) to complete her degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, minoring in chemistry.

Again, as the only Biracial woman in the STEM field, she volunteered to teach single parents empowerment and independence.

At this time, her oldest child was being bullied at school, ostracized by teachers, and was denied a charter school entry two days before the school year’s start.

Weighing her experiences, she went into education after being laid off when the market crashed. She focused on special needs kids, teaching in marginalized communities.

Partnering with fellow educators, Dr. Anderson came up with solutions to educate her special needs kids online, which matched their learning paces.

These experiences laid the groundwork and skillset for Embraced Wisdom Resource Group many years later.

As a developing educator, she taught her strong suits – math and the sciences – to middle and high school students.

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson then began her master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology, with a special ‘online learning’ focus… all while moving her family into an RV to travel the continental U.S. for two years!

After discovering that online schools weren’t using their access to data optimally (to make changes for the students’ benefit) she decided to pursue her doctorate degree.

With her new skillsets and experiences in data, research methods, and statistics… she started a data manager and analysis role for online charter schools.

Here, she developed dashboards and undertook research projects, to identify the optimal data points that teachers and schools should’ve been using.

Halfway into her doctorate, she moved into an educational research and statistician role, for over 50 online charter schools across the nation!

In 2017, Dr. Anderson completed her Ph.D. – defending her dissertation on online student behaviors, in a partial credit Rasch model. This measured engagement levels in online students, grades three through eight.

Now, while developing EWRG’s product and service suite, she continues her educational research work.

She’s still focused on improving on and offline education for marginalized student groups, and instructing graduate students on how to use research methods and statistics.


It’s all come full circle for Dr. Elizabeth Anderson.


Starting out as one of the marginalized students she now teaches, and elevating her skills, knowledge, and experience to the national level of influencing education…

… EWRG democratizes the use of data, research, and quantitative analysis. For her dedicated data clients, she elucidates:

  • WHICH data should be collected & prioritized,
  • HOW organizations should go about collecting it, and
  • WHAT they should do with this data!
We encourage you now, to get in touch about your upcoming projects and data needs.
We’d love to share how best to influence the important metrics of change – and collaborate with what you’ve got already!

Dr. Anderson’s EWRG – The Short Version

Quantitative research, data-driven decision-making & statistics can be intimidating, which makes people feel powerless…

Embraced Wisdom Resource Group, LLC (EWRG) specifically develops and disseminates educational content that transforms powerlessness into empowerment!

Not only for mastering these three domains (quant, data, stats), but using results from these methodologies to drive transformation and empowerment in the field.

At EWRG, we believe that in-the-field practitioners have the vision and dreams needed to manifest victory, but often lack the resources and supports necessary for true change.

So, we use our intuitive, disciplined wisdom to support (current and future) practitioners and researchers in the fearless manifestation of true change!