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For Law Firms & Schools

For law schools–and those firms looking to hire fresh new lawyers, we offer a wide array of relevant services.

With an overarching goal of expanding diversity, EWRG helps adjust your program outcomes, develop assessment measures, and observe unconventional metrics for law students – from law school interview to passing the Bar.

We help lawyer-scouting firms:

✓  increase their workplace diversity

✓  view new candidates with advanced metrics, and

 increase the available number of diverse lawyers in the general public.

Quantitative Research

At EWRG, we help law firms and schools conduct empirical research that bolsters your program evaluation.

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Ensuring your measures and methodologies are working is of utmost importance in this industry.

This is why we cover every aspect from front to back – we specialize in increasing diversity in your school or workplace with your various programs.

Statistical Analysis

We help conduct data reviews, which give you clarity on which data to prioritize, and how to use it.

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We assist you in conducting statistical analyses for comparison purposes, longitudinal work, and much more.

This is especially helpful when coupled with your pre-existing data from the quantitative side.

Instructional Design

One of the most important parts of excelling in your industry is evaluating learning outcomes.

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We help your firm or school decipher whether these students have certain skillsets,  characteristics, and habits conducive to your organization’s success.

We help you train your professionals, drafting and aligning your curriculum.

All of this helps you solve the retainment issue, and sustain long-term diversity in your organization. 

General Consulting

We approach your unique project from an advisory standpoint first.
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As a research and resource group, we at EWRG provide general consulting services for your specific questions and one-off needs.

We help you clarify your goals and data, so you can present the most accurate, up-to-date, and clear results to your clientele.

Custom Projects

Oftentimes, your needs don’t fit perfectly within our clearly defined services.

That’s OK! 

With our general consulting, we approach your specific needs with bespoke solutions, and custom deliveries in support of your qualitative research.

Published Guides in Partnership with IAALS

Access the resources co-authored by Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, founder of EWRG


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