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For Qualitative Researchers

Rather than providing qualitative research, EWRG specializes in supporting qualitative researchers, in their journey of representing human experiences through data.

We help you inject relevant, clarifying quantitative data into your qualitative research processes, in order to provide a balanced approach that represents your studies accurately.

But why is this really needed?

Because in today’s world, the clash between quantitative and qualitative data is omnipresent. Qualitative researchers constantly run into quantitative counterarguments that their work is too subjective, or not as measurable.

At EWRG, we provide you with balanced, integrated research on both sides.

Quantitative Research

If you’re looking to inject quantitative research into your qualitative processes, we simplify this process.
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We couple the logical, objective, and fact-based research with what you’ve already discovered qualitatively, to enhance and strengthen your studies.

Collaborative Mixed Methods

One of our flagship services is working with you, to build dynamic data representations.

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These presentations are balanced and apply to both sides of the spectrum.

This process is a team effort – we listen first, and then discover how to enhance what you’ve already accomplished with qualitative data!


Of course at EWRG, we also provide the actual research for you, which can add to your current project’s depth and completeness.

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Maybe you want an accurate survey drafted up.

Or maybe, you want your gathered qualitative results to be quantified – this is where we come in and help you clarify and align your goals.

Instructional Design

Considering the large amount of community-based programs that qualitative researchers often build…
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…we help align your goals and curriculum in this area.

This helps improve training quality and retention of the learning concepts within.

Measurement Design

Another flagship service of EWRG, we provide qualitative researchers with clearly measured findings and assessments.

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We help actually quantify the results you’ve gathered in your qualitative research, so you can proceed with a balanced presentation of experiences.

General Consulting

As a research and resource group, we’re happy to provide general consulting services, when you’ve got specific questions or one-off needs.
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We help you clarify your goals and data, so you can present the most accurate, up-to-date, and clear results to your clientele.

Custom Projects

Oftentimes, your needs don’t fit perfectly within our clearly defined services.

That’s OK! 

With our general consulting, we approach your specific needs with bespoke solutions, and custom deliveries in support of your qualitative research.

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