Embraced Wisdom Resource Group

Clarifying & Analyzing Complex Data in a Collaborative Way

Discover How Crystal-Clear Data Analytics & Implementation Can Transform Your Organization

The rapidly-evolving data industry is missing something…

Methods like measured development, quantitative research, and psychometrics are inherently complicated.

But what makes this industry more confusing, is when the data research center you hired delivers presentations you can’t even understand in plain English!

At Embraced Wisdom Resource Group (EWRG), we break things down to first principles

What’s the point of having your own data delivered back to you in pretty charts and graphs, if nobody helps explain what they mean?

We have a strong focus on:

 Breaking down data into digestible formats

Communicating why we present data in the ways we do

Showing you how to utilize data efficiently in your organization

At EWRG, we pride ourselves on collaboration

One major weakness we’ve identified in most data consulting groups, is they don’t actually work with you on solutions.

They just aggregate your data, or present it in a colorful format…

But you’re still stuck wondering what you should do with it.

We believe this is a major flaw of the typical data and research firms, and exactly why we show you how you can emulate our processes for yourself!

Better than just “doing it for you”, and a step beyond “doing it with you”… we actually equip you with the tools to do it on your own!

Our Partners

At EWRG, we have a high standard for action

Action, to us, means using data to influence change.

Large amounts of aggregate data get you no closer to your aims and objectives if you’re not sure what to do with it all.

It provides no help just knowing the intricacies of your operations – you want to know how you can leverage it for improvement and change.

This is where our actionable mindset comes into play

We go far above and beyond the typical research firm in repurposing data and feeding it back to you.

With collaboration and a strong standard of action, we guide you in making important decisions.

Everything is based on your data that we’ve collected, organized, and presented – and we show you how to actualize it.

We make finding new, optimal solutions fun & engaging

Can data actually be fun and rewarding?

To most, the data aggregation, research, and analysis processes are boring and confusing.

We geek out on data – but that doesn’t mean you have to.

① We find missing solutions...

…that your audience may be searching for, and ways to optimize the delivery of whatever services you provide… while finding ways to make it fun!

② We uncover new ways to evaluate...

…and think about, your programs and offerings.

③ We help you measure and engage...

…in a “classroom” type setting, which gives you the skills to do it on your own later, and internalizes it within your organization easily.

EWRG services organizations with data & research needs from all walks of change

We’ve got experience serving sectors both private and public, districts, counties, states, and schools, corporate businesses, non-profits, and so many more.

The connecting thread throughout, is our ability to drill down into the weak spots, cracks, and disconnects involved in delivering the positive change you offer to your subjects… be they students, citizens, or customers!

—Bottom line—

We help you improve the most important aspects using your own data, in ways you can easily understand!