Data education so you can actually go do something with the pretty charts?
Also, yes!

Pretty charts?

At Embraced Wisdom Resource Group we go a step beyond, providing you with data analysis that you can apply to your organization's goals. 

The rapidly-evolving data industry is missing something…

Showing you how to utilize data efficiently in your organization

Communicating why we present data in the ways we do

Breaking down data into digestible formats

We have a strong focus on:

Better than just “doing it for you”, and a step beyond “doing it with you”… we actually equip you with the tools to do it on your own!

We show you how to emulate our processes for your unique goals.

At EWRG, we pride ourselves on collaboration and solutions.

Our Partners

Everything is based on your data we've collected, organized, and presented. We then educate you on how to actually use it with your unique goals.

With collaboration and a strong standard of action, we guide you in making important decisions. 

We want you to know what you can leverage for improvement and change within your operation.

Ok, so what does action look like?

At EWRG, we have a high standard for action - using data to influence change.

We help you measure and engage in a virtual classroom setting, which gives you the skills to do it on your own later.


We uncover new ways to evaluate and think about, your programs and offerings.


We find missing solutions for your audience and help you optimize the delivery of the services you provide.


We geek out on data so you don't have to.

We serve sectors both private and public: districts, counties, states, schools, corporate businesses, non-profits, and so many more.

EWRG partners with organizations from all walks of change. 

We help you improve the most important aspects using your own data, in ways you can easily understand!

Here's the bottom line.

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