• WHICH data should be collected & prioritized,
  • HOW organizations should go about collecting it, and
  • WHAT they should do with this data!
Starting out as one of the marginalized students she now teaches, and elevating her skills, knowledge, and experience to the national level of influencing education…

EWRG democratizes the use of data, research, and quantitative analysis.

For her dedicated data clients, she demonstrates:

It’s all come full circle for Dr. Elizabeth Anderson.

Dr. Anderson started her journey as one of the marginalized students she now teaches. While elevating her skills and experience in education and academia to the national level, she also built Embraced Wisdom Resource Group, a consulting firm that democratizes the use of data, research, and quantitative analysis. 

Dr. Anderson’s hope for the world is equity. Divesting away from the traditional and often problematic forms of education, to build spaces and learning experiences that are student focused and inclusive. Dr. Anderson is committed to improving on and offline education for marginalized student groups, and continues instructing graduate students in Research Methods and Statistics.

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson is an industry leader, with over fifteen years experience in Research Methods and Statistics, and Instructional Design and Technology. She is also the Founder of Embraced Wisdom Resource Group LLC, a consulting company providing data analysis and education for organizations that are revolutionizing their fields. She is an authority and changemaker in education, and has taught at numerous higher education institutions. 

Dr. Anderson’s path to her PhD was not only unconventional, but barrier breaking. She regularly was the hybrid student in the classroom, making the best with what she had, and self educating her way through big A “academia”. As often the only Biracial/Black woman in the classroom throughout her education, she created her own resources to navigate and excel in predominantly white institutions. 

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, founder of Embraced Wisdom Resource Group

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So, we use our intuitive, disciplined wisdom to support practitioners and researchers in the fearless manifestation of true change!
Embraced Wisdom Resource Group, LLC (EWRG) specifically develops and disseminates educational content that transforms powerlessness into empowerment!

Not only for mastering these three domains (quant, data, stats), but using results from these methodologies to drive transformation and empowerment in the field.

At EWRG, we believe that in-the-field practitioners have the vision and dreams needed to manifest victory, but often lack the resources and supports necessary for true change.

Quantitative research, data-driven decision-making & statistics can be intimidating, which is disempowering.

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